How to get gigs online – an Ayagigs special


How to get gigs online – an Ayagigs special

The gig economy has changed the way people work. Freelancers, contractors, delivery drivers, and others who operate in the gig economy are paid by the task or project, and they sometimes work many temporary jobs at once.

Here are five ways to find gigs online in 2022

1. Make connections with other specialists

There is still work to be done, even though many organizations are already functioning remotely. Inquire about “meeting up for coffee”—via video chat—with contacts in your personal and professional networks for assistance in finding freelance jobs that you can accomplish remotely.

2. Join an online marketplace

You can join an online marketplace such as Ayagigs. Ayagigs provides a platform where you can work at your own pace with organizations that know the worth of your skills and talents. Ayagigs provides freelancers with an opportunity to do jobs they actually enjoy while increasing their capacity to earn beyond your physical borders. Ayagigs also leverages blockchain technology to facilitate payments.

In addition, Ayagigs gives businesses the opportunity to access the finest talents available, vetted and trusted to get the job done. Join the waitlist at  to get updates on gigs and opportunities.

3. Update your professional networking profile and CV.

Take advantage of this opportunity to freshen up your CV and internet profile. As an experienced gig worker, make sure it highlights your capacity to juggle many jobs at the same time, as well as instances of any freelance work you’ve done in the past.

Sign up for an online course to restore your expertise if you have a background in a specific profession but have let those talents lapse while you explore other experiences. Remember to update your résumé and professional networking profile with any new certifications. 

4. Take into account your skills that can be transferred.

Consider the talents you use on a daily basis to execute your various “gigs” and how you might be able to adapt them to a new job. For example transferable skills such as teamwork, you will be asked to work as part of a team in many jobs. Demonstrating your ability to collaborate with others will ensure that you will fit in and contribute significantly.  

Consider times when you collaborate effectively with others in formal or informal organizations to achieve goals. Can you share an experience of how you work as part of a group to make decisions and solve problems? Think about how you overcame issues and mention your successes. Use examples from previous work experience, from education, or from being a member of a social group.

5. Keep a routine

Maintaining a schedule might assist you in remaining motivated and productive. Make a weekly to-do list and tick off successes as you go to keep a consistent routine (including a consistent wake-up time and breaks throughout the day). To stay informed about opportunities, keep a calendar of virtual coffee calls you’ve booked with people in your network.

Following the techniques listed above should help you discover rewarding, flexible gig employment, but don’t forget to schedule time for food, exercise, sleep, and family. It’s critical to remain upbeat and motivated in the face of adversity.

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