Helpful hints to avoid burnout as a freelancer

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Helpful hints to avoid burnout as a freelancer

A lot of people are eager to hop on the freelancing train with the notion that it provides a better work-life balance. In theory, it should give more personal time with less physical stress and better performance at work. However, it comes at a price. BURNOUTS!.

Many freelancers end up working even harder, with longer hours than they did for an employer. The freedom to have many jobs and clients often lead to burnout no matter how much they love their job.

Below are 6 helpful tips to avoid burnout as a freelancer.

1. Pick your work carefully. 

“Do I have time to take on a new project?” ask yourself if you’re overworked. “Am I mentally equipped to take on that much more?” 

If you’re unsure, walk away from that client or project. Instead, think about raising your freelance fees. This will allow you to get rid of low-paying jobs so you can focus on higher-paying clients who require less work. Also, master the skill of saying no to work you don’t want to do. This will allow you to focus on the tasks you truly enjoy.

 2. Interact with others 

Isolation is a common source of stress. Go out and socialize to get rid of the blues. Once a week, get together with your pals or form a group of fictitious coworkers with whom you may share ideas. 

Make this time a priority in your work week and stick to it. You should make time for yourself and your loved ones regularly. 

3. Seek assistance 

If you’re a designer, adopt a productivity tool to automate your design process. If you’re a writer, hire a proofreader or copywriter to relieve some of the pressure. 

The objective is to delegate and seek help whenever possible. Every freelancer should concentrate on their strengths and delegate any duties that do not offer significant value to their firm

If necessary, you might seek the advice of a therapist who can assist you in striking the correct balance between your professional and personal lives. 

4. Take care of yourself. 

Consider taking a work break. You can take regular pauses to minimize your burden or even go on vacation to boost your creativity. Eat well, exercise often, and meditate. Take care of your body and mind to avoid burnout. 

5. Maintain a tight budget 

One of the primary sources of stress for freelancers is not having a consistent income. You want to make as much money as possible, but sometimes the next project isn’t ready yet. 

Although you may not always be able to control your income, you can limit your expenses to increase your liquidity. Cook a lot more at home, turn off all of the services you’re not using (online tools, Netflix, gym, etc.) 

6. Request deposits or payment in advance. 

You might ask your clients for upfront payments to alleviate the fear of not getting paid by your next client. While getting paid in full up advance is unlikely, consider requesting a fixed-sum deposit for completed work. 

If you want to generate more money as a freelancer, you may always take on more jobs. But bear in mind that if you appreciate what you’re doing, it’ll be a lot more worthwhile. We hope the suggestions above help you maintain a healthy work-life balance and avoid turning your passion into a mundane job. 

Freelancing gives you a lot of flexibility. You’ve earned it!

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