web3 fellowship

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Coinbase Giving, a charitable program within Coinbase focused on the goal of increasing economic freedom, and Aya, an online platform that connects the best African talent with organisations all over the world, recently came together to help fund Aya’s Web3 Fellowship.

Interested applicants can register to participate in the program by filling out their details in the attached form. Successful applicants will undergo a rigorous vetting process as we aim to work with top early-stage African talent who are passionate. The program is set to begin at the end of September, 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the duration of the fellowship?

The fellowship lasts for a 9-month period, with 6 months being for practical training in your chosen track and 3 months for job placement/internships (for the top performers) in order to equip you with solid professional experience.

  • What is the cost of the fellowship?

The fellowship is completely free, thanks to our lead partner – Coinbase Giving – who is footing the bill for this cohort. Don’t we all just like free things?

  • Is the fellowship physical or remote?

The fellowship is an immersive remote experience with all aspects of the training organised virtually.

  • Can I be an undergraduate and apply?

You may apply as an undergraduate as long as you have at least one year of experience in your chosen track.

  • Can I have a full time job and apply?

You may have a full-time job and apply as long as your job allows you the flexibility to dedicate 20 – 25 hours per week for the fellowship’s activities.

  • Do I need to have a laptop?

You totally need a laptop as you will be working on individual and group projects in the course of the fellowship.

  • Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for the fellowship. Just don’t be 100+ years old.

  • Will I get a job after the program?

Completing the fellowship will equip you with in-demand skills to get matched with employers on the aya gigs platform.

  • Will there be a certificate after the training?

Of course! We want you to be able to show everyone what you’re about.

  • What will the vetting process be like?

The vetting process includes a test and Bootcamp.

  • When does the Fellowship start?

The tentative start date is sometime in October, but don’t worry, we will keep you posted once you apply.

  • What does the fellowship structure look like?

The initial first few weeks would focus on foundational concepts. In the weeks following that, you will begin your learning of core concepts which you will practice through individual projects. In the final weeks of the fellowship, you will collaborate with other participants to work on interesting web3 projects.

  • Do I need to have a background in Web3/ Blockchain to apply?

Not necessarily. You just need to have experience relevant to your track even though it is not in the web3 space.

  • Do I need to have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to apply?

Yes, you do, particularly for the technical tracks. We wouldn’t want you to struggle with the pace of the program.