Can I post a job so can get the best freelancer for my project?

As a business, you can post a job on Aya and get a freelancer show interest. You can also decide which freelancer you want to work with based on their profile and ratings.

How do I know when Freelancers apply, so I can select who I want for the job?

You will get notified via email and on the platform when freelancers apply for a job you posted.

Would I be able to chat with trusted Freelancers directly for private jobs?

Yes, you can. All chats between businesses and freelancers are private and can only be viewed by individuals involved. The comment, share and like on a job can be seen by the public.

Can I make payments in any currency?

Yes, you can make and receive payment in any crypto stable coin of your choice.

How secure are my transactions and payments?

We use a stable crypto currency payment platform built on blockchain security, therefore all your transactions are safe with us.

Will I need a crypto wallet to sign up on the platform

No, you do not need an external crypto wallet to transact on the platform. We can create a wallet for you automatically.

What happens if the Freelancer misses deadlines or doesn't deliver satisfactorily?

If a Freelancer misses a deadline for no reason earlier communicated, their ratings would be affected, they would get fewer jobs or subsequently be taken off the particular job. To guarantee your confidence, Aya provides escrow holding of funds. Trust is embedded in our value preposition to make both parties stay satisfied with Aya.

Can I access jobs in progress or completed so I can make decisions?

Yes, you can access all completed jobs and those in progress. You can also see more information like the amount you paid, freelancer that did the job and much more.


Can I access, share, like and apply for jobs listed?

Users can interact with jobs posted on the platform, they can even share it on their social media pages.

Would my skills and credentials to be easily accessible?

Yes, businesses and interested individuals can view your profile, chat with you privately and book you for a job by search.

Can a business contact me directly for gigs?

Yes, business can easily find your profile by searching with your name or skills, and contact you directly on the platform.

Can I share my profile and projects done with the public?

Yes, you can share your profile on social media or as a link. You can also use your projects as a portfolio and share with your contact.

Will I get notified when a business sends me a message or make payment to me?

You will get a notification via email and on the platform when a business sends you a message, when payments are made to your wallet and when users interact with your profile.

What currency do I receive payments in?

Payment can be made to you in any of the crypto stable coins available on the platform, and you can withdraw, sell or convert to other crypto asset of your choice.

Will I need a crypto wallet to sign up on the platform?

You do not need an external wallet, you get a wallet automatically created for you on your dashboard when you sign up.

Can a freelancer outside Africa get gigs?

Aya gigs is open to freelancers globally.

Can I use my social media handles to sign up or sign in?

Yes, you can use all your Social Media Handles to signup or sign in. You can also use your LinkedIn profile to upload your Aya page.

What languages will the Ayagigs platform support?

The platform will support English and French speaking talent and businesses to start with. More languages will be supported in the nearest future. Ayagigs is a  multilingual marketplace for all digitally transferrable skill in Africa and beyond.