Ayagigs Partners With Talent Protocol


Ayagigs Partners With Talent Protocol

Ayagigs is pleased to announce a new partnership with Talent Protocol, a web3 professional network where high-potential individuals may establish an on-chain resume and launch a talent token, allowing anybody to invest in their careers.

Ayagigs is the first African talent marketplace for independent Web3 talent, allowing creative experts to work and earn across borders while facilitating payments using blockchain technology.

Ayagigs provides businesses with access to a curated pool of talent by becoming the home of Web3 experts such as Solidity Developers, Community Managers, IT analysts, Growth Consultants, and many others.

With our collaboration, Talent Protocol has provided the Ayagigs team with the opportunity to create their talent tokens, enhancing their chances of success and developing a dedicated network of supporters. You can now back the journeys of  Agwa ($AGWA), Kosi ($KOSI), Faith ($FAS), Larry ($LARRY), Imogie ($IMG), Pishikeni ($PKB), and Eric ($MTT).

See Talent Protocol Announcement

For more information on both communities, see the links below:

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Talent Protocol

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