Ayagigs – Matching global businesses with Africa’s best web3 freelancers


Ayagigs – Matching global businesses with Africa’s best web3 freelancers

Aya is a web-based gig platform that enables global startups and Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) to access the best vetted African skilled freelancers. We act as the connection between progressive businesses and skilled talent. While we provide these businesses with first-hand African brilliance, resourcefulness, and resilience, we also give talent the opportunity to remain relevant, with a platform to make their skills globally acceptable and valuable in the job market.

On the one hand, globally, Web3 companies have a hard time accessing qualified and vetted talent, and even when they do, it is usually very expensive. Web3 hires in the US & EU cost $100k-$300k per annum on average.

On the other hand, global freelancer platforms are “not built for the African skilled market.” Due to restrictions, prohibitions, and payment limitations, African freelancers often must hide their IP addresses in order to register an account or lose a significant amount of their earnings with each project due to the constant depreciation of local fiat currencies in host countries.

Africans have been handicapped by a system that built a limiting and scarcity mindset forged from past experiences, leading to technological disadvantage.

With vetted, skilled African hires from Aya, Web3 startups can save up to 40% of their hiring costs, with salaries ranging from $40k to $120k annually on average.

Freelancers get to enjoy an African-focused platform with crypto-supported payment solutions using multiple stablecoins to solve the problems of payment, high transaction fees, and income inequality. 

With the beta.ayagigs.com launch, Ayagigs aims to transform the talent marketplace with key differentiating factors;

  1. Talent Matching and Vetting – Access to Africa’s largest, vetted web3 talents
  2. Automated Project Management – Track project progress seamlessly.
  3. Cryptocurrency Payments – Stablecoins supported transactions.
  4. KYC – To eliminate risks by verifying the identities of all parties involved
  5. Tokenization – Earn tokens as work credit

African freelancers get to enjoy education, training, and a mentoring ecosystem to provide them with the opportunity to upscale and grow their skillset. 

“It is noble to be in a position to think through building a platform that will lift millions out of poverty in Africa and also enable global businesses to save money on their hiring costs by engaging vetted and trusted African talents,” says Eric Annan, the CEO of Aya. “We are on a mission to unlock 10 million African talents to serve the global web3 startups ecosystem.”

How does it work?

  • Sandra, a Data Analyst looking to work in the web3 space, signs up on Ayagigs to find gigs
  • Glover, a Web3 company looking to hire a Data Analyst, publishes the details of the role on Ayagigs
  • Sandra then finds the role and applies for it directly on Ayagigs
  • After going through the process, Sandra gets hired and when the job is done, she gets paid directly in one of the crypto stablecoins available on the platform

It’s also important to note that companies and freelancers do not need an external crypto wallet to transact on the platform. They can create their wallets on the platform automatically!

Signing up on the platform is quick and easy. Are you a freelancer or a business? Just visit https://beta.ayagigs.com/freelancer or beta.ayagig.com/business to sign up and join the public beta. Follow us on all our platforms for regular updates on gigs, tips, and other amazing offerings. https://linktr.ee/Ayagigs

“Ayagigs does really outstanding work,” says Kunbi Oguneye, a talent seeker. “Ayagigs were able to deliver within 48 hours on my resource requirements.”

Godwin Jacob, a freelance web developer, also remarked, “My experience with ayagigs has been great. They take away the stress of going back and forth with clients on requirements, negotiations, payment, and others, enabling you to focus on simply delivering.”

Can I post a job so I can get the best freelancer for my project?As a business, you can post a job on Aya and get a freelancer to show interest. You can also decide which freelancer you want to work with based on their profile and ratings.
How do I know when Freelancers apply, so I can select who I want for the job?When freelancers apply for your posted job, you will get notified via email and on the platform.
Can I access jobs in progress or completed so I can make decisions?Yes, you can access all completed jobs and those in progress. You can also see more information like the amount you paid, the freelancer that did the job, and more.
What happens if the Freelancer misses deadlines or doesn’t deliver satisfactorily?If a Freelancer misses a deadline for no reason earlier communicated, their ratings would be affected, they would get fewer jobs or subsequently be taken off the particular job. To guarantee your confidence, Aya provides escrow holding of funds. Trust is embedded in our value proposition to make both parties stay satisfied with Aya.
Can I make payments in any currency?Yes, you can make and receive payment in any crypto stablecoin of your choice.
Can I access, share, like and apply for the jobs listed?Users can interact with jobs posted on the platform, they can even share it on their social media pages.
Would my skills and credentials be easily accessible?Yes, businesses and interested individuals can view your profile, chat with you privately and book you for a job by search.
Can a business contact me directly for gigs?Yes, businesses can easily find your profile by searching your name or skills and contact you directly on the platform.
Can I share my profile and projects done with the public?Yes, you can share your profile on social media or as a link. You can also use your projects as a portfolio and share them with your contact.
Will I get notified when a business sends me a message or make a payment to me?You will get a notification via email and on the platform when a business sends you a message, when payments are made to your wallet, and when users interact with your profile.
Can a freelancer outside Africa get gigs?Aya gigs are open to freelancers globally
What currency do I receive payments in?Payment can be made to you in any of the crypto stablecoins available on the platform, and you can withdraw, sell or convert to other crypto assets of your choice.
Do I get paid before the job is done?You get paid after the completion of the project.

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