Aya Partners With Web3Bridge 


Aya Partners With Web3Bridge 

Aya is happy to announce a new partnership with Web3bridge, a Web3 community that is building a sustainable Web3 economy in Africa by empowering remote economies, onsite Web3 developers, and startups and lowering barriers to entry into the web3 ecosystem.

Aya is the first African blockchain-focused Web3 talent network, enabling global early-stage Web3 founders to hire vetted talent from Africa. It has the same goal as Web3bridge, which is to help resilient and resourceful African communities learn digital Web3 skills and how to use global resources.

Aya and Web3bridge are working together to create a talent standard that will make it easier for companies all over the world to trust Web3 talent from Africa and unlock exponential growth across the continent.

As a group that strongly believes in working together, this exciting new partnership is a big step toward giving the African community more power and putting web3 talent on the map around the world.

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